Oppenhuizen/Toppenhuzen – Munnekeburen/Munnikebuorren/Nijetrijne/Nijetrine

  • Impressive farms

    We stay for a while longer in Oppenhuizen/Toppenhuzen, because there is quite something to see...

  • Beautiful farm building

    ...such as impressive farmsteads. Not to mention Friesian horses, visible in the distance in the 1st photo.

We see all kinds of things while walking the dog. Like this bakery shop. This one is certainly one of the smaller ones in the Netherlands.

  • Glue clamps

    Our cuckoo ('dog-box') was finally repaired. As early as March 2022, a delivery man had let it slip out of his hands, after which this heavy colossus came to a stop on the floor of our...

  • Kitchen interior

    ...cleared out living room. It was a refrigerator that had to be lifted in through the roof, hence. The second photo shows how tight it looks again after the vacant space has been filled up.

  • Narrow passage (I)

    The carpentry company we visited is located on a narrow waterway, called ''t Ges'. Especially two (open) bridges form an obstacle. Because our little ship...

  • Narrow passage (II)

    ...can hardly turn in 't Ges', we first inspected both bridges to assess whether we could pass. Our width is 3.81 m (12.5 feet). We decided to take a chance .

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, we departed at 1:38PM. (© Hofstra couple) All fenders inboard. We survived!! At both bridges we only briefly touched something without damage. Especially the second bridge was difficult. One could not ‘just like that’ sail through it. Before that was possible, the boat had to be brought into the correct position because of an extended/protruding bank part. Then we sailed through countless Frisian waters, and finally up ended in...

…Akkrum, at 3:40 PM. Pretty close to the railway bridge, but not too close - as we remember from a previous occasion it's like being run over by the train when you're in bed.

Railway bridge Akkrum (I)

The train bridge in Akkrum is really a miracle of technology. This video shows the opening of the bridge for shipping traffic, followed by passing the bridge by the passenger clipper 'De Hoop'.

Railway bridge Akkrum (II)

After opening for boat traffic, the bridge will close and become part of the railway again. Note the footpath that folds up when it is 'open' to make the passage wide enough for ships. The vertical clearance is 3.30 m (almost 11 feet). We need 3 meters so are safe here unless we forget to lower the mast and remove the flag(pole).

Railway Bridge Akkrum (III)

As you can see, an intercity train can pass the bridge at full speed. The catenary(?) is missing for a short moment, but the pantographs quickly regain contact. The road surface is lower than the level of the river!

On Thursday we moved between 9:25AM and 9:55AM from Akkrum’s railway-bridge to Akkrum’s ‘Drijfveer’-marina to top up our water-supply as well as our batteries. That for just € 5,--. (The dog was our neighbours'.)

We left Akkrum permanently (for this season, that is) at 2:08PM. Not only with a large water supply and full batteries, but also after sitting outside in the sun for a few hours - together with our dog of course. Again -possibly for the eighth time(!) this season- we set course for Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean, partly because we were going out for dinner on Friday the 23rd with 4 highly valued friends. Trust us: it was a huge success!

Finally we left Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean on Saturday September 24, 2022 at 9:35AM. Because several bridges are too low for our ship (unless we tear down the wheelhouse, but we don't feel like that) we are forced to make a large detour, including 7(!) movable bridges (and a few that we can pass under) before we can say ‘that was Heerenveen’. (We do not speak Friesian. Hardly understand it, to be honest.) Thereafter we entered the (former) river Tsjonger. Along the way, the eye meets Frisian views in abundance. This is one of them.

  • Jonkers- of Helomavaart

    We stopped at 3:40PM, so after six (6!) hours of sailing (poor dog…) at Munnekeburen/Munnikebuorren/Nijetrijne/Nijetrine. It is located...

  • Google Earth explains

    ...next to a great walking region, a former peat extraction area, called 'Rottige Meente' (no translation, although 'rottige' is ‘rotten’in English).

Yet just one more time. Our rear view on Saturday, September 24, 2022 around 8:00PM.

  • Remains of an American Wind Motor

    Nowadays this (peat) area is drained electrically. This used to be done by windmills with the beautiful name 'American Windmotors' (see https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windmotor) in Dutch and Frisian. In Dutch also called 'roosmolen'. Photo one shows the remnants of...

  • The huge screw pump

    ..,what was once a proud mill. Photo two shows the gigantic screw pump that is already visible in the 1st photo. It is almost unimaginable that the wind could drive this pump, which was placed more or less vertically inside the building underneath the rotating mill-blades.

We turn out to be right next to a lock, the 'Scheenesluis' - a national monument. This lock, apparently decommissioned, forms the connection between the Jonkers or Helomavaart and the Scheene, which level is significantly lower. There is much more to tell about it, but that doesn't work very well in the context of a weblog. Therefore a thought/poem that can be found next to the lock:
Heur dromen bin indertied
Mitneumen door de voegels
Heur verlangs wodde keerd
Deur de deuren van de sluus
Mar soms vernemt ze zomar
Een glimpien van et wonder
Strikt ze fluusterende even de
Haand over de boek en loegt
Dan de turf weer in het schip
Skipper's wife
Her dreams are in the past
Taken by the birds
Her desire was stemmed
By the doors of the lock
But sometimes she just finds out
A glimpse of the miracle
Strictly she whispered for a moment the
Hand over the book and lays
Then the peat back into the ship
(Translation to the best of our knowledge.)

The lock and its surroundings as seen from the footpath next to the Scheene. One can hardly get it more Dutch

When walking the really indescribably beautiful ‘Rottige Meente’ this scene is no exception. Peace. 100%.

When still in Oppenhuizen/Toppenhuzen we walked the dog into one of Uitwellingerga’s/Twellingea’s marinas. There we noticed a boat with the name ‘Aussie”. So this photo shows two 'Aussies'.



Engine ran this week 9,8 hours (588 minutes), Tuesday 2,0 (120 minutes), Thursday 2,7 (162 minutes) and Saturday 5,1 hour (306 minutes).


Generator this week 1,6 hours (96 minutes) up till now, Sunday 6,35PM. Not a lot yet: the sun provides us with seemingly enough electricity. We have two large solar panels.


Weather: sun, rain and storm – in short: autumn (like last week).


Hope to see you all again next week!


26.09.2022 21:24

Tineke Heek

Wat weet je er een geweldig verslag van te maken. Chapeau! Het is een eer om zo genoemd te worden in jullie blog. Maar…….. het is erg leeg in het centrum van Heerenveen

02.10.2022 14:05

Simon & Diny

Dank je wel, Tineke! We zien mekaar hopelijk snel in A'foort.