Emmeloord – Eastersee/De Fryske Marren (Marchjepôle)

  • Friese Sluis

    As the saying goes, everything comes to an end. So we had to leave Emmeloord (just after the reclamation from the sea called ‘Village A’, do you remember?) eventually on Monday the 9th of May at 11:28AM. For a short moment we cruised the Urkervaart in opposite direction after which we went out port and entered the Lemstervaart. That is, to be...

  • Height difference

    ...frank, a rather monotonous cruise, taking (us) over 2 hours before reaching the Friese Sluis (Frisian Lock) at 1:39PM . That lock is, for Dutch standards, rather deep. After all, one has to climb back up from the former Zuiderzee to the level of what has always been the mainland. The difference in height is indicated on a sign next to the lock.

We left the Friese Sluis at 1:54PM and cruised the Lemstergeul for a short period of time. If one wants to enter the province of Friesland, more specifically Lemmer in this case, one has to negotiate the Lemmersluis – visible on this picture in the background. That kept us busy from 2:05PM for 5 minutes. After another 3 minutes we were able to find a convenient space and stopped the engine at 2:13PM.

In case there’s not much room for walking the dog (Jay) we take him out for a ride by bike. One of us on the bike, him (trotting, not galloping) next to the bike connected to a bended rod with a springy end. After crossing the Friese Sluis we ended up cycling on the dike that protects the reclaimed land from the (former) sea and leads to the former island inside the former Zuiderzee: Urk - still a center of fishing. Seen from that dike, Lemmer looks like this.

  • Marrekrite SL01

    Since we have to pay around € 25,00 a day our spot at Lemmer was reluctantly vacated on Wednesday the 11th on 12:02PM. Good friends of ours had recommend us a space next to a small island in the north of the Grutte Brekken, a vast lake, being a part of the Prinses Margrietkanaal (from Lemmer into Delfzijl and vice versa). We arrived there at 1:09PM...

  • The prove

    ...therefore not much more cruising than 1 hour… We’re here seen on the ‘crossroad’ Grutte Brekken/Prinses Margrietkanaal from south to north and the Riensleat/Follegasleat from west to east. Sleat, btw, is Friesian for ‘sloot’ = ditch(??). Impressive commercial ships are passing – causing quite a bit of turmoil of the water.

  • Jay (I)

    This spot proved to be ideal for our lovely dog. He shows real happiness when...

  • Jay (II)

    ...the place is entirely his and he can roam around as much as he pleases.

(Photo taken through a porthole.) We estimate it is a matter of minutes for someone to cover the entire distance from front to rear!

All Marrekrite-spots are for free! One is only supposed to buy a Marrekrite flag for about € 20.00 to support this Frisian organization. The colour of the flag is different every year, this year yellow. We tried to buy one in Lemmer, but we couldn't - unfortunately the shopkeeper in question was a real grumpy one. We will purchase that flag at the first opportunity. Anyway, we left our 1st Marrekrite spot on Saturday, May 14 at 10:05AM and arrived at our 2nd Marrekrite spot (TJ15D) about an hour later. The dog hung out of the open window for large parts of this short trip. We suspect more for the fresh air than for the scenery...

  • Marrekrite TJ15D

    Since Saturday the 14th , shortly after 11:00AM, we temporary reside next to the artificial island Marchjepôle. When we arrived it was still easy to find a space. Later on ‘everyone’ wanted to be there, as the left picture proves. Our...

  • The prove

    ...type of boat is very well suited to breast up with… We are always asked first, although we have seen smaller type of (holiday-)boats accepting other boats breasting up to them. One’s legally required to do so in The Netherlands, by the way.

Busy Marchjepôle. This Sunday morning 9:48AM. Our (German) neighbour just leaving with his son, dog and small sailing-boat, a passing speedboat and a pleasure yacht in the fairway.


Engine ran during 4,6 (276 minutes) hours, Monday 2,4 (144 minutes), Wednesday 1,1 (66 minutes) and Saturday 1,1 (66 minutes) hours.

Generator this week over 1,9 (114 minutes) hours. Only in use for the oven.

Weather: summer has arrived (we think).