Purmerend - Zaandijk (Zaanse Schans)

Having enjoyed another pleasant weekend and having done the necessary shopping we left Purmerend on Monday the 15th of July at 12:46PM. The engine was switched off almost immediately, at 12:59PM when we arrived at what is called a ‘waterpoint’. That took us a full hour, mainly caused by the illogical rule that one cannot buy water (the ‘aanuit’-system, aka AA Nuit) if one has not payed a mooring-fee the aanuit-way. A 100% catch-22 situation, as we paid a cash mooring fee to the harbourmaster. We are simply too big/long for a mooring-box, connected to the aanuit-system. Eventually we were ‘saved’ by an off-duty harbourmaster, capable of starting the desired water-tap. We cruised the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, the Knollendammer Vaart, followed by the Zaan. At 4:30 PM we arrived at Wormerveer where we found ample space to moor. We’re seen here left of the middle of the picture.

Because it’s for free, too, we decided to stay at Wormerveer for the full permitted period, being three days. One of the things we try after arriving is finding out if there’s a telly-signal. Yes, we live permanently on her, so we are not holiday-makers (or permanent holiday-makers if you like). It appeared to be that our satellite was unable to ‘see’ the Astra 3 satellite (= the south), ‘forcing’ us to move in reverse to the spot we took last photo from. As this picture proves it’s not only pleasure boats on the Zaan.

Initially we moored opposite Intertoys at Wormerveer’s quay, the same afternoon/evening followed by a position close to the tower that is visible on this picture and the previous one. © Google Streetview

Wormerveer is, arguably, a ribbon development along the river Zaan. Immediately behind the train-station this is the staggering landscape. Although being Dutch this kind of landscape never fails to amaze us.

Picture, taken on the 17th of July, 2019 around 0:37AM. A partly lunar eclipse.

We politely asked the controlling officials if we could stay 4 instead of 3 nights in Wormerveer. There was more than one reason for it, one important being our young dog. He needs exercise and we discovered a fenced off terrain in Assendelft at a distance of over 6 kilometres (almost 4 miles). On Wednesday we went there by car (our daughter visited us) and on Thursday by bike (he jumps cheerfully into the dog cart). On Friday we had to leave, however. We left at 10:26AM. This is just one of the colourful things to be seen when cruising the lively river Zaan…

…and here’s another one. Real Dutch heritage.

Zaanse Schans

Never had we been to the Zaanse Schans. It is really amazing to see it for the first time – from a little ship, mind you! Note the crowd visible at the end of the video.

We made a few up-and-down cruises in an attempt to find a favourable mooring-space. As you’ll understand it’s ever so popular here and mooring space is scarce.

The rescue is near! After some failed attempts we saw, again, a small pontoon, occupied by a dinghy. ‘Can we ask you an impertinent question’, we asked the skipper. ‘Yes’, he replied. ‘Will you be here for a long(er) time from now?’ ‘Half an hour at most’, he replied. Problem solved; the sign informs about (1) a maximum stay of 72 hours and (2) a maximum length of 20 meters (66 feet). We tend to meet, respectively do meet, these requirements.

Here we are, safe and sound attached to this rather small pontoon, sticking out on either side. We feel very happy, though, as there are not a lot -in fact almost non- mooring possibilities in this area. While walking our dog on the Friday a man we met on the way, selling freshly squeezed orange juice, offered drinking water for the dog. That was much appreciated, especially by the dog! He was interested in our situation and, when informing him about the maximum allowed period of time for staying he declared to respect regulation but he added to that that there's also something like ‘the right of the strongest’ (the survival of the fittest???). That made for a good laugh.

Our current rear view. © DM-vL

Our current side view. No water visible for a change.

A random picture, taken when walking towards the historic village.

Zaanse Schans and mills, as seen from the bridge on the south-side.

On Saturday we used a small nearby landing ferryboat to cross the wide Zaan river.

On the opposite side the first feature one finds is this charming little lock. We do not fit inside, apart from the fact that the fixed bridges (not the one seen here, we know) of the system behind the lock are too low for our ship. So it is a no-go area for us.

The journey, admittedly a short one, was well worth the trouble as well as the money (largely for a charity). This panorama-shaped picture was the result. In case anyone wonders we can reveal that our ship is visible exactly in the middle of the picture, moored at the opposite bank.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 4 hours and 0 minutes (4,0 hours) – Monday 2,3 hours, Friday 1,7 hours. Not that much at all.

Generator this week:  14 hours – still counting (Saturday afternoon).

Weather: mixed, we’re content about it.

Hope to see you next week again!       


21.07.2019 07:43


Kan je zo maar gratis liggen bij de Zaanse Schans.? Vakantie vieren op je eigen huisboot is echt goedkoop. Ga de camper inruilen voor een boot en zetten ons huis te koop! 😂😂

22.07.2019 08:25

Diny & Simon

Ja, zo maar gratis! (En vandaag doen we d'r nog een -illegale- 4e dag bij.)

21.07.2019 06:07


Mooi hoor! Ik kom er aan😉

22.07.2019 08:24

Simon & Diny

Was dat effe leuk!!!