Amersfoort - Nijkerk

Leaving Amersfoort for the summer

Amersfoort, our much appreciated winter-mooring city, was left on Wednesday the 27th of March. Our departure was videoed by a fellow boater, who’ll be given all the credits at the end of this little explanation. Hopefully see you all again at the end of coming September. The credits go to: © Nico v/d Kuilen. (Thanks, Nico! Especially your comments!)

  • Harmless stove

    In recent years we have been with the two of us. Since the end of January, however, we are with the three of us, an increase of a whopping 50%. It’s a dog, a lovely one, named Jay. Jay, a male and born on the 3rd of December 2018, is an Australian Shepherd – despite its name an American breed! For more see https://

  • Dangerous stove He loves to be underneath our solid fuel stove (as long as fitting in there) possibly because of the combination warm(ish) coat – cool metal. Last week Jay was unlucky because we decided to fire the stove for the first -and probably last- time this (ending) winter.

Already slightly visible with the video we started with, Jay lives inside his bench when we cruise. The most important reason being the perfect view outside. Apart from that he is of no use when departing, arriving, tackling a lock etc. - highly curious, thus permanent obstructing our intended actions. By the way he’s lovely, and we mean this from the bottoms of our hearts.

The first overnight stop, Wednesday, was next to the Ocrieteiland at Eembrugge/Baarn. We have been there before, see Week 14 – 2017, last picture. The next day, Thursday the 28th we cruised towards the mouth of the Eem-river. That was not the first time either, so search for the second-last picture in Week 36 – 2018. After entering the Eemmeer on Friday the 29th of March the weather was stunningly gorgeous, not a cloud in sight – only sun, sun and sun again. That offered the possibility to make this picture, just after passing ‘De Eemhof’ opposite Bunschoten-Spakenburg. The marina of ‘De Eemhof’ (not visible here, we mean the one on the other side of the buildings) accommodates yachts that need a professional crew to handle them. In short, some yachts of sheik-like proportions. Having said this, what a view!!

Friday the 29th we arrived at the mouth of the Arkervaart, a canal leading into Nijkerk’s centre. We decided immediately to stay here for three nights because there’s (paid-for) electricity, the harbour-master is possibly still skiing somewhere in central Europe and it’s an exquisite spot for the dog.

Jay, discovering the possibilities of playing in/with water for the first time.

What a joy

It's just maximum entertainment to watch a playful puppy.

The dog, looking scruffy after his water-escapades.

This week's statistics

Engine ran during 4 hours and 6 minutes (4,1 hours) – first day 1,6 hours, second day 0,7 hours, third day 1,8 hours. Yes, we are going forward rather slowly!

Generator up till now (Saturday afternoon) 1,6 hours.

Weather: Wednesday: clouded. Thursday: sombre and cold. Friday: sunny. Saturday: mainly sunny. Today (Sunday): a cold wind and an overcast sky this morning; now (11:01AM, it’s daylight saving time since last night) a watery sun, so who knows?

Hope to see you next week again!