Calais - Douai

This gesture means, between Diny & Simon, "that was a silly thing you did there". Not too serious, of course. We are pretty sure you'll see this picture in the future, executed by one of us! This time Simon thought to have found a nice place to moor, but oversaw a warning on the map: not for motorised vessels...... We were able to back out in time - just!

After three nights in Calais we left on Friday the 7th, 3:06PM. Tide high, bridge open, sill deep, go for it! A bit tensed... After negotiating two locks without any trace of a lock keeper (Big Brother) we arrived onto the Canal de Calais.

Hennuin, our first overnight mooring spot. A forced one, because of (a) the wrong turn as described and (b) a lock in front of us without a lock keeper. She had gone home..... Too late. Difficult bank, steep, nettles, Simon's ankles were stung extensively. Shorts are the wrong choice.... sometimes!

Our first serious lock: Flandres on the Canal de Neuffosse, part of the Dunkerque - Escaut route. Only one rope serves as a spring and Diny keeps the boat to the side on the running engine.

Are we really in France???? Could have been The Netherlands.

Bethune, our overnight stop on the 8th, a Saturday. The 14th century belfry is 30 metre high and has a peal of 36 bells. The peal almost ruined our first try of topping up our dongle, as the combination of noise and French language was almost too much!!

Douai, where we arrived on Sunday the 9th. More next week.......