Douai - Saint-Quentin

The river Scarpe runs through Douai. The place reminded us of Utrecht's canals and wharves.

Close to our mooring spot in Douai there was an unofficial, but well used, cemetery for pets next to the road.

There are vegetables and fruit in abundance. As you'd guess we do some price comparison! Especially wines, cheeses and sausages are very reasonably priced. O, o - our weight!

Douai still. We had to move twice(!), the second time to the very centre of the town, to obtain a sufficient internet signal. The page Calais - Douai was here created!

September 11, Bras de Paillencourt. Overnight stop next to a Dutch built boat. Don't tell anybody, please!

On entering the Canal de Saint-Quentin we got a remote control. Marvelous!! This device made it possible to negotiate each lock in an average of 4 minutes.

On the 12th we arrived in Cambrai and stayed there for two nights to meet engineer Peter and welder Rich. This gave them the opportunity to have a look inside our boat because of a job they are planning to do next spring. "Hebbes" will be out of the water then for maintaining the under water part. They were working in Cambrai on a narrowboat.

On Saturday the 15th we continued our journey towards the 5.670 meter long tunnel "Sousterrain de Riqueval". Close to the tunnel there is a sign, explaining that "it will cost you"! In three languages. Of course the French is immaculate. About the English we have no remarks. We appreciate the explanation in Dutch, although it looks like the translation has been done by a translation machine. Bad but funny!

An electrical driven tug hauls the boat through the tunnel by pulling a chain on the bottom of the canal. Diesel engines are not allowed as there is no ventilation inside the tunnel. It is not exactly the busy season any longer, so we were the only one to be pulled through.

It was cold and boring and it took this long that we expected to see the Cliffs of Dover when daylight came in sight again!

Since Saturday the 15th we are moored in Saint-Quentin. A day later another Dutch boat, "Vrouwe Maria" accompanied us. "Vrouwe Maria" takes guests on board, see their website Next week more about Saint-Quentin, an interesting town....