Auberge du Précontent

Last Thursday, the 12th of February 2015, we travelled to a place called Arfeuilles (département Allier), at a distance of some 40 kilometers (25 miles) from where we are, at Roanne (département Loire). Our destination: Auberge du Précontent. Our aim: to have a convivial lunch with a party of 15 people, the women outnumbering the men by just one. We needed 4 cars altogether. Since we do not own one, we were offered a seat inside Ton & Dicky Wilhelm’s car. (See their website For your information: their ship is for sale!) We reached this lovely inn (er… auberge) after a great journey through the snowy mountains.

The auberge is exploited by a Dutch couple, Elly Penders & Marcel Struve. On the 13th of December, last year, they have been on Dutch television as leading stars of the series ‘Ik vertrek’ (‘I leave’, ‘I’m off’ if you like). Their website: To see them on television, go to

Here’s what it looks like inside. Everyone was already in a good mood, even though the plates and the glasses are still empty. The one chair that is slightly out of position is of course your photographer’s one. One has to strike immediately when everyone is obviously having a good time.

This picture shows the table from another angle. It is a proof, too, that Elly Penders is still going strong (the tv-coverage was taped some 2 years back), as is her partner Marcel Struve. Languages spoken at the table, in alphabetical order: Dutch, English and French.

Our main course consisted of haricots verts, pommes de terre sautées and delicious ‘vlees in ‘t zuur’. The last one is untranslatable as it is an original recipe from the most southern province of The Netherlands: Limburg. (Elly and Marcel are genuine ‘Limburgers’.) There was more, by the way. One could even say: a lot more. Several drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, a starter, cheeses, a dessert, coffee, you name it. All this absolutely reasonable priced. Go there if you ever get the opportunity! À bientôt.